TV Logic / Teradek ‘Sidekick’ Bracket



Lightweight and rigid

Choice of 8 colours


Easy to fit


Teradek 'Sidekick' Bracket for the TV Logic VFM-058W/Hawk Woods BP-A12X plate or for the TV Logic VFM-056W / Hawk Woods BP-A12 plate.

Available in 8 colours, this lightweight design bolts between the TV Logic monitor and the Hawk Woods BP-A12 plate to allow the Teradek 'Sidekick' video receiver to slot inbetween.

The 'Sidekick' is held in place by a pressure plate at the bottom.

NB. You will need four M3 x 50mm (socket cap/Allen) bolts to attach the bracket to the back of the monitor through the Hawk Woods plate.


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