Preston F/I Unit Mounting Bracket


Tough Nylon


One 1/4” UNC and one 3/8” UNC mounting point


DITs can bolt the unit securely in place


This is an attachment which screws onto the Preston F/I unit to give you a solid mounting point to bolt into, using either the 1/4” or 3/8” position.

Fix the bracket to the F/I unit by replacing the four 4-40 x 3/8” countersunk screws with slightly longer 1/2” ones.

The bracket’s mounting plateaux is 25mm wide x 60mm long and so is ideal for ‘Cine Lock’ QR type attachments.


To buy this bracket


To complete the bracket you will need;

One 1/4 UNC hexagonal nut. Either a full height nut or half height nut will fit.

One 3/8 UNC hexagonal nut. Either a full height nut or half height nut will fit

In the UK, I have found Westfield Fasteners a good source for UNC nuts and bolts and the links above are to their site.

1. Carefully remove the 4 hexagonal blanking pieces from the underside of the bracket with side-cutting pliers or similar.

2. Ensure all the sprue material has been removed.

3. The 2 heights of hexagonal blanking pieces are to accommodate your choice of half and full height nuts and will ensure that the nuts cannot drift out of place once the bracket is attached to the F/I unit.

4. Once the nuts have been pushed into the hexagonal spaces in the base of the bracket, push the correct hexagonal blanking piece in behind it to leave a flat flush surface.