Preston MDR Bracket For 15mm Bars x 60mm pitch



Fits any 15mm x 60 bars

Lightweight at just 32 grms


Slides on and then clamps securely.


This lightweight bracket slides onto any standard (60mm pitch) 15mm bars.

Gives a flat platform for attaching accessories (using 3M’s ‘Dual Lock’) such as the Preston MDR receiver.

The platform face is 85mm x 60mm.


This plate is available in black. To buy


I have been using this for over four years now and it has worked perfectly. The bracket still grabs the rails firmly, ensuring that nothing moves but you can still slide it on and off as required.

I attach my MDR to the bracket using '3M Dual Lock'. I find this the perfect way of mounting the MDR as it is easy to swap out the MDR if required. Also, if you should ever ”take a tumble", the 'Dual Lock' will take the impact to a point but if the impact is severe, it will release possibly avoiding worse damage. 

The design fits well on the Steadicam M-1’s standard 6 inch bars and allows access to all the connectors in the nose box.