Aladdin ‘A-LIGHT’ Gel/Diffusion Box





Clips over the Aladdin LED ‘A-Light’

Gel slot in rear / Depron slot in front

Can be used (with supplied spacer) in conjunction with the original diffuser plate

All ports, battery slot etc. still fully accessible


This frame is designed to clip over the body of the Aladdin LED 'A-Light’.

The frame has two slots for sliding in gels and styrofoam type diffusion such as Depron.

The back slot is 1mm deep and can take gels etc. whereas the front slot is just over 3mm deep and takes 3mm or 6mm material.

Has the added advantage of acting as a protective bumper.


This frame is available in black. To buy


Before fitting, first remove the spacer which is attached to the rear of the frame (picture below). Use a sharp knife to cut it free and make sure you remove all the sprue material.. The spacer will be useful if you want to continue to use the original hinged diffuser plate.

1. The frame should be fitted so that the larger cut-out on the frame is at the top and the smaller cut-out is at the bottom, at the 1/4” threaded mounting point. To clip the frame over the body of the 'A-Light’, it should be hooked onto the top of the A-Light and then snapped home over the bottom. Removal is just the reverse although once clipped on, it is meant to stay on.

2. Two slots are provided for sliding in gels and diffusion.

The back slot is 1mm deep and is meant to take gels.

The front slot is just over 3mm deep and takes 3mm styrofoam-type diffusion.

Your diffusion/gels should be cut 62mm wide x 130mm long to ensure a good sliding fit in the slots.

3. The front slot can also be used to hold 6mm Depron by sliding your cut piece into position so that it is half in and half out of the 3mm slot. The horizontal ridges on the frame will cut into the top and bottom edges of your 6mm Depron piece, holding it in place.

4. A small spacer block is also supplied so that if you want the flexibility of also using the plastic diffuser which is supplied with the A-Light, then you can simply unscrew the diffuser plate from its hinge and (replacing the M2.5 x 4mm screws with longer M2.5 x 8mm srews) fix it back on the hinge with the small spacer in between. In the UK, I've found Westfield Fasteners very easy to deal with when needing the odd nuts and bolts.